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Dipolma in Sales tax Practice



Module 1

Definitions, Kinds of excise duty, excise ability and manufacture, Classification of excisable goods and Valuation of excisable goods.

Module 2

Taxation: Significance, Basic Principles, Direct and Indirect taxes, Nature of Indirect taxes, advantages, and limitations.

Module 3

Assessment Procedure, Various authorities under Excise Law and their powers, Clearances of excisable goods.

Module 4

Service tax: features, computation, collection, and recovery of service tax and assessment procedure. Customs Duty: definitions, types of duties, levy of customs duties, collection, and exemption from customs duties.

Module 5

Central Sales Tax: Features, Definitions, and Principles of Central Sales (Relating to inter-state sales, intra-state sales, and sales in the course of import and export including penultimate sales). Registration of dealers, Procedure of assessment. Value Added Tax: features, computation and benefits of VAT.